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Why pcb board become more and more expensive in china ?


A few years ago, most of the printed circuit board bosses day is bitter, but the wallet or drum, even when subjected to severe tests, we still drive.
Not from what time to start, pcb manufacturers will have a difficult time, cost, labor, taxes, loans and other armies took turns to their dogged wherever he went, utterly routed general turmoil.
In 2016 with vigour and vitality swept the price surge, but also many PCB enterprises in this field in the loss of soldiers will face.lot of pcb factories have to close their company in 2016,however,2017,the pcb raw materials will continue rise,it's very bad time for PCB manufacturers.
Now, a group of very best PCB enterprises have to fight their way in their struggles to smooth,and survive in 2017. In the last years of cheer, they finally got a few breaths.
But the price is still pursuing tax, loans, artificial and several other army also has not died down. 2017, still challenging.
In the next 1-2 years, the copper shortage will become the norm.After more than a year of baptism, we basically accepted the status of sheet material in short supply.It is reported that the global copper production capacity is 41000 tons per month, which has more than 8 thousand tons of production. Japanese companies as early as three years ago has quit electronic foil factory, production of high-speed board special copper foil, copper foil, high-frequency dedicated encapsulated copper foil, copper foil soft board special.
In the supply chain, there are about twelve thousand tons of copper electronic No. At present, whether it is business enterprise or new copper foil old, they are all expansion, almost all around the lithium battery to expand production.
Because of the new capacity of electrolytic copper foil production cycle needs 2-3 years, so in the next 1-2 years, CCL and PCB with copper shortages will be a norm.
The copper foil supply shortage has led to other raw materials rose rapidly, the industry came news that CCL another material glass thick cloth is likely to rise to 7 yuan / m2, aluminum plate, light guide plate or a total of more than 20%.
Energy, freight, industrial manufactured goods price also turns up.
Not only is the PCB material prices, other commodities prices continued, stainless steel, plastic plates, plastic parts, all the electric elements, spared.
More people are concerned about the same price surge last year carton carton industry great in strength and impetus, prices have gone up a lot, and also began to cash transactions, the rally unabated.
The circuit board enterprise unremitting self-improvement, more courage to face the challenge, dare to face the road fraught with difficulties.
PCB,in 2017,be a very special time, Fight the market!
Fight With international top technology!
Fight with higher quality service!
2017,not fight for PRICE.if you do,you will be lose.
In this year, we have to work hard, hard hard.